iPhone 15 Rumored to Feature Faster Charging with USB-C Port

iPhone 15

Apple’s upcoming fall product launch is expected to introduce the new iPhone 15, and there are rumors suggesting that it might come with faster charging capabilities. These rumors are based on reports from reliable sources, and while Apple has not officially confirmed these details, they have not denied them either.

Details of the Rumors

According to 9to5Mac, a reputable tech blog known for accurate Apple-related predictions, the iPhone 15 could potentially replace the Lightning charging port with the more widely used USB-C port. Additionally, a few fashions of the brand-new iPhone are rumored to aid quicker charging speeds. The iPhone 15 might be compatible with a 35-watt charger, which would allow for faster charging times. In comparison, Apple currently recommends iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users to avoid chargers Over 27 watts, at the same time as iPhone 14 customers are counseled to apply chargers restrained to twenty watts. A 20-watt charger can absolutely price an iPhone 14 in a single hour. However, the exact charging speed of the 35-watt charger for the iPhone 15 series remains uncertain. It’s critical to apply chargers that adhere to Apple’s encouraged wattage to save you overheating and capacity battery damage.

Comparison to Competitors

While the rumored 35-watt charger for the iPhone 15 would represent an improvement in charging speed for Apple devices, it may still fall behind competitors like Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Series. Some of those Samsung telephones can support “superfast charging” the usage of specialised 45-watt chargers. Despite potentially lagging in charging speed, Apple products often offer impressive battery life. In a battery test comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone managed to outlast its competitor. This suggests that even with a smaller battery capacity, Apple’s optimization allows for longer usage time.


While these rumors are not officially confirmed, they point toward a possible change in Apple’s charging capabilities for the upcoming iPhone 15. The move to USB-C and the potential for faster charging would address a long-standing demand from Apple users and could enhance the overall user experience.